How we hire

How we hire

We're looking for individuals who enjoy shaping their own path, never stand still and know that diverse teams are key for making positive progress. If you crave a challenge, you're in the right place.

We're looking for individuals who enjoy shaping their own path, never stand still and know that diverse teams are key for making positive progress. If you crave a challenge, you're in the right place.


Meet our team


Our Talent Attraction team is here to answer your questions and help you navigate the application process. Our mission is our people. Are you ready to join us on our journey?


Our hiring process

Step 1: Apply

Explore open positions through our job search – if a position sparks your interest, hit apply. Upload your CV and salary expectations. A cover letter is optional.

Step 2: Engagement call

The first step is a half hour check-in call with our Talent team. This is to start by getting to know each other.

Step 3: Interview

In this interview (video call or in person) you will connect with your potential team lead and a talent manager to discuss the role in depth. You may be given a task or coding challenge.

Step 4: Onsite visit

We invite you for a third interview onsite. This is when we’ll discuss further details about the role, cover professional topics and our culture as well as introduce you to future colleagues.

Step 5: Decision

If we feel like it’s a good match, we will officially make you an offer. Welcome to LucaNet! Note: the process is not always the same. Depending on the position there may be fewer interviews.

Tips & tricks


Your application

All you need for your application is your current CV and your salary expectation. So take your time and make sure all of the relevant information is in your CV. In later stages of our hiring process, we may ask you to provide  additional documents such as your university credentials or references from your previous employers – having your documents together and ready for those later steps ahead of time is a good idea.


Before the interview

You got invited to an interview with the Talent team at LucaNet? Great. To prepare for this opportunity make sure you check out our website and get familiar with our product, our company culture and values. You could also think of any questions you may have regarding LucaNet or the position you are applying for.


At the interview

Every interview along our application process is an opportunity for both us and you to get to know the other better. We are curious to learn more about you, so be yourself, and bring questions that you might have for us that can help you decide if LucaNet is the right match for you.

FAQ: Applications

  • When can I expect a response from you?

    We process all the applications we receive as quickly as possible. Generally speaking, you should receive an initial response within a week of submission. If the process does happen to take a little longer, feel free to send us an email to find out where we’re at with your application.

  • What are the stages of the application process?

    The exact structure of the application process varies depending on the position. Usually, the first step for everyone is a check-in call with our Talent team. The next step is a longer in person or video call interview with the Hiring Manager from the department you are applying to work in. For certain positions, we may assign you a task or coding challenge to present during your application process. We will then invite you for an onsite visit to meet your future colleagues and learn more about the LucaNet culture. If these stages go well and we feel like it’s a good match, we will make you an offer.

  • How can I prepare for the interview process?

    You can prepare for an interview by taking a look at our career portal and learning about our culture and values through our website. This should give you a good first impression of who we are and what we do. It’s also a good idea to carefully read through the listing for the position you’ve applied for and make note of any questions you may have. We will also ask you for a summary of your background and career so far – so it can be helpful if you have your CV on hand for this.

    If you’ve been invited to a video call interview, double check that everything is working on the technical side of things beforehand. Is your wi-fi signal stable?  Are your webcam and headset working? etc.

  • How does the first engagement call work?

    We use these initial check-ins as an opportunity for us to get to know each other and discuss one another’s expectations. We prefer a less formal approach and don’t plan to question you for 30 minutes straight – we want to offer you the chance to ask any questions you may have for us, hear about your expectations, and share more details about the position and LucaNet.

  • What are the requirements for a video interview?

    For a video call interview, you will need a computer or smartphone with internet access. 

    We recommend using a computer with a webcam and headphones or a microphone headset. This will minimize background noise so that we can all focus on the conversation. 

    We use Microsoft Teams for this process. The email we send you to confirm your appointment will also contain an invitation link. We recommend using Chrome or Edge as your browser for the interview. Alternatively, you can also download the Teams app for free. The app is generally the best option for Apple users.

  • Do I meet the team before I start?

    In general, you will meet at least one or two members of the team of which the position you are applying for is a part of during your on-site visit.

  • Why was my application rejected?

    You applied for a job with us and didn’t get an offer? We’re sorry to hear that. However, there are many reasons why these things don’t always work out. All our rejection decisions are based solely on the requirement profile for the position in question, which we draw up before the application process begins. 

    Even though it didn’t work out this time, we’d still like to thank you for your time and wish you all the best for the future. If you come across another vacant position with us that interests you in the future, we’d love to hear from you again.

FAQ: Before applying

  • Where can I find current vacancies?

    You can find all our current vacancies by clicking on 'All jobs' at the top of our website. The vacancies listed there are updated every day, so every job listed is still open. If you don’t see the right job for you in the list but still think we’d be a good match, you can also select 'apply speculatively' – we’re always happy to hear from promising new candidates. Would you like to be notified whenever we have a new opening? Just connect with us on LinkedIn or Instagram – we’ll keep you updated on opportunities at LucaNet.

  • Can I work part time at LucaNet?

    To ensure you are able to complete your individual projects while also handling your personal life, we consider it important to allow all our employees as much flexibility as possible. In addition to flexible working hours, this also includes the option to decide for yourself how many hours per week you would like to work. Therefore, many of the vacancies we post are available as part-time positions. Please check the description of the listing for the vacancy you’re interested in or contact our Talent team if you’re not sure. We’ll look at your individual case and the position to see what we can do.

  • Can I work for LucaNet from home?

    Generally speaking, working from home is possible as an option for our employees. We’d be happy to discuss your wishes and expectations regarding the structure of your work day during your first interview with us and tell you more about the available options. At LucaNet, we use a hybrid work model, LucaFlex, which is based on trust and responsibility and gives you the freedom to decide if you want to work remotely, at the office or combine the best of both worlds. For certain competencies, we also offer full-time remote positions.

  • Who should I address my application to?

    You don’t need to address your application to any one specific person. Everyone on our Talent team would be happy to answer your questions at any time. The best way to contact us for questions is by email: To send in your application, please use the application form on the career portal on our website.

  • What documents do I include in my application?

    You’re interested in a particular position with us and want to apply? That’s great! To start the process, all we need is a complete and current copy of your CV in PDF format and details of your salary expectations. Documents such as a cover letter or cover page are nice to have, but not absolutely necessary. If you progress to the later stages of the application process, we may require additional documents depending on the position you have applied for. These may include education credentials or references from your previous employers.

  • How do I apply?

    To apply for a position, please visit the online career portal on our website and click the 'Apply Now' button in the listing for the vacancy you’re interested in. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any applications that are submitted to us by mail or email. If you don’t see the right vacancy for you on the portal, go ahead and click the 'Apply Speculatively' button – we’re always happy to hear from promising new candidates.

  • Can I apply for multiple positions at once?

    You found several jobs with us that you’re interested in? We’d love to receive multiple applications from you – or you can simply add a note to your application documents telling us which other positions you’d be interested in. Either option is fine.

  • I have other questions. Who can I contact?

    If you have any other questions for us regarding a particular position or working at LucaNet in general, please contact our Talent team. You can get in touch with us via email:

FAQ: Remote work

  • How are you conducting your job interviews?

    We conduct interviews online via video call or onsite depending on the individual situation. In general, we try to meet all of our candidates in person before offering a position. Our video calls are conducted on Microsoft Teams. In the days leading up to your interview, you will receive an email from our People team inviting you to participate in the meeting. You can join the call by simply clicking on the link provided in the email – no download necessary.

  • What is your current onboarding process like?

    We also use our hybrid model throughout our onboarding process. First, you will receive an onboarding package before you start, then on your first day, you will meet others who are just starting with us remotely via LucaNet.Launch, our Onboarding Program for your start at LucaNet. Together, you will learn about LucaNet’s story and everything else you need for your new role. By your second day, you will be working with your team. You will also meet and align with your People Lead either virtually or in person. In the first few months, one of your colleagues will be assigned to you as a mentor. In the first few weeks at LucaNet, you will take part in a variety of workshops, introductory events and training courses to help you get up to speed with your future tasks.

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