Our culture

Our culture

Every day, we make an impact with our product around the world. To this end, we are constantly evolving and improving.

Every day, we make an impact with our product around the world. To this end, we are constantly evolving and improving.


ESG at LucaNet


LucaNet prioritizes ESG principles and integrates them into our operations, driving decisions and actions. We have made significant progress in further integrating these principles into our business.

Our values

  • We are customer passionate

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    At LucaNet, we trust in a product that truly serves our customers – one that finds the smartest solution for them. As a leader in Financial Performance Management, we work with customer insights, benchmark analyses, and market research results to continuously improve. But above all, we aim to build and maintain meaningful and long-term relationships with our customers, as well as our diverse and extensive partner ecosystem.

  • We aim for success


    At LucaNet, we are always improving. With both in-house and external training opportunities, we are putting our ideas into action by eliminating stagnation and removing restrictive processes. Instead, we focus on transparency, flexibility and encourage self-responsibility. We set realistic goals for each other and re-evaluate them if needed. We reward exceptional performance through recognition, compensation, and provide the appropriate space to make a difference for everyone. We celebrate our successes and milestones without losing sight of potential improvements.

  • We thrive together


    At LucaNet, we perform for the team – not our egos. We follow our culture code and are dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive space for everyone. Company parties and regular town hall meetings like LucaMeet strengthen our sense of belonging and bring us closer together. Our ‘Happy Lunches’ or ‘How Do You Feel Talks’ address important topics like mental health and wellbeing. We are taking many steps including our Diversity & Inclusivity mission and other initiatives that have a direct impact on our global strategy.

  • We embrace empowerment


    At LucaNet we adapt flexibly – not just to the needs of the company, but also to the individual needs of our employees. We believe that a constantly evolving product needs a constantly evolving workplace. To embrace the digital workplace, we've created a framework that makes it convenient to work from anywhere. With LucaFlex, we established a work model based on trust and flexibility that enables us to collaborate on a global scale. Regular ‘pulse checks’ ensure that feedback is heard at all levels. We encourage you to take ownership of your path and keep evolving on a professional as well as personal level.

  • We are always growing


    At LucaNet, we seek out growth as a company, as a team, and as individuals. We offer a wide range of onsite and online courses for our employees – regardless of age, position, or location. From international job opportunities to evolving in your career through upskilling or reskilling leadership programs, we encourage everyone to shape their own career from an early stage. Our annual Skill Summit and regular learning sessions foster a lifelong journey of growth and development.

  • Two employees working on a laptop

Employee stories


“I build new structures to drive LucaNet’s long term sustainable growth.”

Empowered development is paramount at LucaNet. We support our employees to take ownership of their growth which, in turn, drives the company forward. At our core, we are a collective of diverse individuals each on their unique path to success, allied within one team spirit: we are go-getters that embrace challenges. We redefine structures and processes with our mission of simplicity. That’s why we value those who are transforming the way we work to drive change. Sabeel Asghar, Lead Manager Transformation


“Be daring – and don’t be afraid to fail.”

LucaNet is for those who are motivated by challenges – we are driven and are committed to making things work. We are daring when tackling something new and aren’t afraid of taking risks and facing potential failure. As a part of LucaNet, you can put your entrepreneurial thinking to the test and have a real impact. Don't limit yourself to just one area: proactively shape your path and do what works for you. Antonia Reither, VP Customer Excellence


Flexible work model

We enable you to determine your work schedule and location according to your needs.

Team spirit

We provide workshops that foster your growth so that we can celebrate our successes together.

Learning & development

We encourage you to pursue knowledge and inspiration and give you the time, space, and budget to do so.

Paid volunteer time

We support you in taking the time to do some good.

Health & wellbeing

We care about your mental health and wellbeing and provide you with external counseling to give you the support you need.

Generous vacations

We encourage you to take time off to relax, travel and recharge.


We support your personal and professional development.

Company pension plan

We provide you with a pension plan to help you build up an additional pension, and save for your future.

Diversity and inclusivity are a priority for us

At LucaNet, everyone is different – and we like it that way. This is why we are dedicated to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone can thrive and feel respected.

Working together


LucaNet is comprised of many nationalities working together with a shared goal in mind. Every day we make our work environment more inclusive by challenging our structures, processes, and mindset.

Working at LucaNet


We promote flexibility

We believe that flexibility and trust are essential for our employees to do their best work. That’s why we created our company-wide flexible work model: LucaFlex. Working with LucaNet includes the options of remote work, hybrid collaboration, and can include a sabbatical. We believe that work should fit into your lifestyle and not the other way around.


We support you in your growth

We encourage you to shape your own path and provide you with the support and tools to grow and follow your interests. That goes for our internal learning programs as well as diving into new fields of expertise. With our career model, you can define your development the way you want to. For us, growth also includes the ability and time to try out new things within LucaNet. That’s why we support internal mobility, so you can move easily within departments and locations.


Performance and well-being go hand in hand

For us, personal aspects go hand in hand with professional ones. Because we care about your wellbeing, we created several initiatives to address the topics of mental health and wellbeing. We believe in a healthy work/life balance. Besides generous vacation days to recharge and energize plus Flexdays to compensate for your overtime, we show extra support and compassion in action, whenever needed.

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