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As market leader for Financial Performance Management our work is our mission: We want to make the lives of financial professionals easier - with numbers they can rely on 100%. By providing our customers an easy-to-use solution for financial statement preparation, planning, and reporting, they get fast results that can help them make the right decisions for their business.

We believe that commitment and passion in what we do is key to our success. We're on an exciting journey as we take on new ways of working and gearing up together to have an impact on our work at LucaNet and on our customer's success. Want to have an impact too? Then join our journey, we can't wait to meet you!

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Our Mission and Vision

Over the past twenty years, LucaNet has developed into a globally active company with 14 offices. In our anniversary year 2019, our Executive Board has further developed our existing mission and presented it together with our corporate vision, which provides a common direction for the entire LucaNet.Group.

With our vision, we want to continue to grow and believe that our corporate culture is an essential component in achieving our mission and vision. We believe in a sustainable set of values to build the future of LucaNet together with our employees. Our mission is our northern star and shows us the way to achieve our vision.


How we accomplish our vision already today:

  • LucaNet and our partners promise our customers a simply intelligent FPM software and stellar services.
  • We enable financial professionals to get fast results and to make the right decisions.
  • We trust our employees and give them the freedom to have a large impact on LucaNet’s future.

What it means to us:

  • Deliver value
  • Have impact


What do we want to achieve?

  • Provide the best solution to make the lives of financial professionals easier.

What drives us?

  • Become the best
  • Global presence

Our Values

At LucaNet we are a high impact team that wants to exceed our customer’s expectations. We work together every day on being an inclusive workplace build on trust and engagement and thriving on passion, commitment, and fun.

LucaNet delivers simply intelligent financial performance management software, which enables our customers to get fast results and make the right decisions.

We are driven by providing easy-to-use solutions and co-creating effective tools which make our client’s businesses run smoothly.
We are in the midst of exciting times at LucaNet as we evolve to the next level of our own growth. In 2021 we have launched new values to support us on our mission, as we make our vision for the future a reality.  

At LucaNet we are…

Embracing EmpowermentTaking ownership of our work means we take the initiative, we seek solutions, and we’re committed to meeting challenges with passion and vigor. We’re not afraid to take risks, and if we feel something needs to be done, we just do it. Responsible and self-motivated, we’re accountable for the results of our work. We welcome both lessons learned and big successes as we support LucaNet’s growth.
Customer PassionateWe prioritize taking the time to understand the needs of our customers, colleagues, and partners, expressing genuine interest as we do. Embodying our simply intelligent ethos, we ask questions, and we listen - exploring how to ‘be better’ by anticipating our client’s future needs today. We always go the extra mile to build long-term relationships based on value, understanding and trust, making people’s lives easier.
Aiming for SuccessWith clear alignment on LucaNet’s vision for the future, we understand how our individual work and results advance our shared goals. We’re razor-focused on how we achieve this. Pragmatic in our approach, while aiming for excellence, we’re always identifying ways to maximize outcomes. Moving quickly with confidence, we prize impact over the pursuit of perfection.
Thriving Together We deliver our best work when we pull together, supporting each other to advance and grow. We all have a part to play, and we enjoy contributing to our shared future through our different strengths and abilities. Always reliable and approachable, we can be counted on to do what we say we’ll do. We embrace flexibility and foster a growth mindset, as we proudly create a positive and productive environment. One where everyone can shine.
Always GrowingExcited and enthusiastic about our roles, we seek knowledge and inspiration from a wide variety of sources. We consider ourselves ‘lifelong learners’ who enjoy diving deep into new aspects of our work, leveraging our existing expertise as we master our craft. Sharing our insights to benefit colleagues, partners, and customers. We take pride in what we do and our ability to propel LucaNet forward.

Our Teams

Our teams

Whether as a consultant, software developer, or in sales – together we can take the next step. In our different teams we place great importance on getting along and enjoying our work. Get to know our different departments and find the team that fits you.

Our Teams

14 Offices worldwide

As an internationally successful and continuously growing company, LucaNet has numerous offices around the world. Our heart beats at our Berlin headquarters. We also have two more offices in Germany – in Mönchengladbach and Munich. In addition, we can be found internationally in eleven other countries. 

Many different locations mean many interesting and diverse opportunities. Are you curious? Then get to know our offices.

Our Locations


Students and Graduates

You can already gain practical insights at LucaNet as a student. We offer various opportunities to join us while you’re still studying. Find out more about your options.

Students and Graduates

Facts and Figures

It all began in 1999 When Rolf-Jürgen Moll and Oliver Schmitz were done with using MS Excel in their consulting work. They were certain that there must be an easier solution and decided to start LucaNet.
The goal: A solution for consolidation and planning that is user-friendly and runs on just one application. Dominik Duchon has been completing the Executive Board as CSO since 2010.
14 offices worldwide With our international offices, we build a strong team for our customers. At the same time this offers a variety of opportunities for our employees to grow.
3500 customers in more than 50 countries Including edding, Jenoptik, Rocket Internet, Leica, and Vaude.
This translates into exciting projects and varied tasks, because LucaNet is the perfect solution for companies of all sizes and industries.
Growth! But not at all costs The LucaNet family is growing a little bit every day. But in a way that is sustainable and fair.
We already have more than 400 employees worldwide.
Easy to handle Our software solutions can be used immediately and require no IT knowledge whatsoever – simply intelligent!
All-in-one In addition to our software, we also offer comprehensive training and expert consulting.
A company of excellence LucaNet has been recognized several times as market leader in the area of
Financial Performance Management.
Most recently in 2020 in the BARC Score for Financial Performance Management DACH.
And where does the name LucaNet come from? It can be traced back to Luca Pacioli, a mathematician of the Renaissance. He described the method for double-entry bookkeeping in 1494 for the first time.
This type of double-entry bookkeeping with an inventory, balance sheet, and profit and loss statement is still in use worldwide today.

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